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Battlefield 2042: April Update nimmt auch eine große Menge geheimer Änderungen vor

Diese Woche veröffentlichten DICE und EA ein riesiges neues Update für Battlefield 2042 und gaben bereits zu Anfang der Woche die Changenotes bekannt. Wie bereits zu vermuten war, sind die Patchnotes sehr umfangreich ausgefallen und zeigten detailliert, was DICE alles an Battlefield 2042 auf dem PC der PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S und Xbox Series X gemacht hat, um Battlefield 2042 zu verbessern.

Für gewöhnlich ist es so, dass DICE in seinen Updates gerne auch mal andere Änderungen versteckt, die nicht auf der Liste stehen. Wie sich nun heraus stellte, macht man mit dem Update 4.0 für Battlefield 2042 hier auch keine Ausnahme. Im Gegenteil, denn wie sich nun dank der achtsamen Community heraus stellt, hat DICE das Spiel nicht nur um die Änderungen aus dem Changelog bereichert, sondern auch um dutzende geheime Änderungen, die nicht in den Notizen zum Update erwähnt wurden.

Da wir von dutzenden sprechen, verwundert es doch stark, dass einige der Änderungen bemerkenswert gewesen wären und eigentlich ohne weiteres mit im Changelog hätten Platz finden sollen. Warum die Änderungen nicht in den Patchnotizen enthalten sind, verrät uns glücklicherweise der Entwickler und Gameplay Designer Florian”DRUNKKZ3” Le Bihan.

Er hat sich laut eigenen Angaben selbst über diese Liste gefreut, da ihn diese nochmal auf Stand gebracht hat. Einige der Dinge auf der Hidden Changenotes Liste, so Le Bihan, wurden im Studio schon vor einiger Zeit behoben oder hinzugefügt. Letztlich haben es die Änderungen aber aus verschiedensten Gründen, die an dieser Stelle zu schwer zu erklären seien, bis heute nicht in die Updates geschafft. Genauso schwierig sei es zu erklären, warum es manchmal Änderungen gibt, die man bei DICE nicht in den Changenotes festhält.

Somit werden wir uns wohl auch in Zukunft mit unvollständigen Patchnotes abfinden müssen. Letztlich kann man die Liste der Hidden Changes aber als positiv zusammenfassen.

Nachfolgend könnt ihr euch die Liste der “Hidden Changes” selbst ansehen:

  • #1 Irish’s OG BF4 head model has been re-worked slightly and beard was added.
  • #2 light bulb has been added on little birds (nightbirds) tail
  • #3 destruction of walls seems improved. Debris are affected + destruction bounds looks more realistic (Tested on orbital D1 and D2 buildings)
  • #4 zip-lines we’re added between the ships objective points on manifest map
  • #5 on first loading screen with exodus ship now appears that far behind the ship is some type of oil rig and snowy mountains.
  • #6 in options on/off switch has been included across all categories.
  • #7 smaller graphical and stability improvements on both consoles and PC
  • #8 mouse input has been improved
  • #9 loadout equipping UI has been changed and improved.
  • #10 OVP drone range has been nerfed to ~150m from 250m
  • #11 controller input feels much better
  • #12 100 xp per minute on Solo/Co-Op Conquest & Breakthrough (was 150xp)
  • #13 16v16 Solo/Co-Op Conquest (was 32v32)
  • #14 small visual improvements to skyscrapers at hourglass
  • #15 Smoke grenade nerfed, smaller aoe.
  • #16 there’s been changes to Boris turrets (Glint effect missing) [needs further verification]
  • #17 ranger got a new little light bulb on it.
  • #18 Double tapping ping now makes a left hand pointing motion when not ADS
  • #19 some kind of adjustments to heli crosshair. (Affecting crosshair in a bad way)
  • #20 Lasers and flashlights are on by default now.
  • #21 McKays new steadfast skin got a lot darker visors on his helmet.
  • #22 fire mode is now by default always on and you can see it every time.
  • #23 New takedown animations have been added to Portal
  • #24 changes have been made to flares and repairs on vehicles
  • #25 soldier model now holds parachute correctly and his hands no more clips through parachute handles.
  • #26 Hitting the ‘toggle under barrel button’ while using a different weapon no longer switches to the weapon with under barrel attachment. You can no longer fire a rocket and then immediately switch to your grenade launcher without first selecting the weapon first.
  • #27 crosshairs and miniguns on nightbird seems more accurate. (Some users have crosshair bugged, so it apear at almost bottom of the screen)
  • #28 you can now finally ping “incoming revive” through walls and surfaces.
  • #29 When your own Armor plate is broken the screen seems to flash blue.
  • #30 Engineers in the passanger seat of Condor/Hind can no longer see the vehicle health bar above their personal health bar. The vehicle health bar still appears under torch when repairing.
  • #31 you can now lower your camera shake even lower than 50 before.
  • #32 You can now use a controller and USB devices together. I use a Razer Tartarus and if it was plugged in, my controller inputs would not be read.
  • #33 Lock on direction indicators are back.
  • #34 removed some graphical options from the settings menu: Film Grain and Lens Distortion.
  • #35 You and your squad mates now say on the radio the direction, range and thing you’ve pinged.
  • #36 You also have two different control settings for helicopter and jets.
  • #37 When selecting your weapons or gadgets you see what your squadmates have equipped with the same green dots you see when squadmates ping a capture point.
  • #38 Kobra sight in Portal now seems to actually have the correct 3-line crosshair from BF3 instead of just a red dot.
  • #39 Animations seemed to be fully fixed, also they added some subtle camera movements when sliding and jumping, gun model seems a bit lower in the screen.
  • #40 melee animations are much faster, and appear to be way more reliable and less buggy.
  • #41 As Dozer, selecting your shield shows a very brief ‘charge’ animation on the shield icon to signify when it is fully deployed. You can also slide with the shield active now.
  • #42 Enemy bots in solo mode will use all vehicles in each slot, even if there’s only one vehicle per slot (if there’s only one attack helicopter available, they’ll use it. If there’s two slots for transport, they’ll use both slots). This does not apply to Friendly bots.
  • #43 dying animations has been improved. Soldiers dies in more natural way. No more dying rag dolls all over the place.
  • #44 when you will get promoted/acquired next level (for example from 43 to 44) classic BF “DunDun Dun DunDunDun” theme SFX will play.
  • #45 Jump slide bunny hoping seems to give you little boost
  • #46 player weight/falling speed seems to be increased.
  • #47 multiple orange light bulbs added to multiple air vehicles.
  • #48 increased reflectivity from more sources/materials/textures. More reflection from multiple surface sources.
  • #49 tornados seems to have more debris flying inside them
  • #50 multiple new icons have been added for: wildcat, condor and etc.
  • #51 After the a certain amount of players join, the ‘Waiting for Players’ message will be replaced by a 30 second countdown message.
  • #52 On/Off toggle for Invert C5 throwing
  • #53 Portal server browser has a more organised sort function.
  • #54 The minimap now shows the direction of the objectives when you are in a sector. When you move to a different sector it then shows that sectors objectives in the minimap.
  • #55 Bolt action sniper rifles cycle new bullets slower and more realistically, rpm of all snipers decreased
  • #56 When you press big map your individual icon is highlighted with a green circle briefly, making it much easier to locate yourself.
  • #57 PS5 : HDR is disabled with no way to switch it on. [maybe bug]
  • #58 Soldier Aim Sensitivity can be adjusted more precisely by 0.1 up to 0.9 (e.g. 35.1, 35.2, 35.3,  etc…).
  • #59 during the loading of the map, the world map on the top right corner is more readable (darker background color and the arrow indicating the location is darker and with a black outline
  • #60 new audio cue when trying to deploy but having a respawn timer
  • #61 the progress bar of the countdown at the start of a match is now correctly aligned with the top black bar
  • #62 the interaction help texts (enter vehicules, activate elevator) are now more readable (bigger font and black outline)
  • #63 generally all icons are “bolder”, ex: ammunition and health pack on the ground
  • #64 capture points are also more readable with black outline, I think it was a lighter color before
  • #65 Targets spotted by Rao now show a class icon along with the marker.
  • #66 TV missiles have also been added to BF3 in Portal
  • #67 New icon above Angel’s call-in loadout box
  • #68 Repair tools have been fixed while on the side of helos, allowing you to repair them properly instead of “searching” for the hit box
  • #69 Rao T5 skin has changed a lot. His hat is now in UCP colors, same for the top of the outfit and he has a scarf
  • #70 You can now freely look around wherever when in Vehicles in 3rd person instead of just being able to look left and right and pressing a button to look behind.
  • #71 no sound music in pre-match intro [maybe bug]
  • #72 Devs inserted a video window to the right side of the screen explaining what every gadget does.
  • #73 soldiers and their weapons are now: wet,dirty from sand and mud if soldier crawls or is affected by these terrains.
  • #74 Condor and Hokum transport heavy vehicles controls are now way less responsive and these vehicles feels heavier and sturdier.
  • #75 when piloting air vehicles for example condor. Minimap now shows some type of air radar effect.
  • #76 ⁠You can now spot and mark Casper’s drone with SOFLAM, AA rockets can also lock on it. Its much easier to see too.
  • #77 EMP’ing an enemy Casper drone destroys it (was disabling it for short amount of time before 4.0). Overall the drone is a lot easier to kill
  • #78 Bolte missiles now one-shot Nightbirds. Before 4.0, it used to do 30 damage. Now it does 100.
  • #79 Portal got a lot of stuff: tv missile, new scopes and attachments, updated sounds to things like the stationary tow, updated kobra sight etc.
  • #80 EOD bot finally has third person
  • #81 Med pen gets disabled when taking damage, after being revived, or throwing a grenade
  • #82 newly discovered PBX-45 secret reload
  • #83 new music has been added to in-game radio
  • #84 Mcom objective markers have had an update and now show when a defuse is occurring
  • #85 Shooting C5 now has a hit marker
  • #86 Proximity Sensor received a ‘destroyed’ indicator
  • #87 Irish’s trophy system now works against all missles (previously only countered unguided missles). It will destroy m5’s, anti armor grenades, completely negate scout and attack Heli rockets and jet/wildcat guided missles. [TOW missile not tested]

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