Battlefield V

Umstrittenes Battlefield V Update 5.2 erscheint Morgen plus Changelog, Update Zeiten und Downloadgrößen

Es ist wieder soweit! DICE rollt am morgigen Donnerstag, den 05. Dezember 2019 und damit rund einen Tag vor Nikolaus, das nächste Major Update für Battlefield V aus, welches bei der Community nicht nur auf Liebe stößt, sondern aufgrund seiner Änderungen eher als umstritten gilt und deutliche Gegner in der Community hat.

Im Mittelpunkt des Updates stehen umfangreiche Änderungen bzw. Balancingänderungen bei den Waffen. Aber auch Gadgets, den Kampf gegen Panzer, das Spotting und die Wahrnehmung von Gegnern im Blickfeld sind einige der Änderungen des morgigen Updates.

Viele der Änderungen klingen plausibel und könnten die Battlefield V Erfahrung besonders für Einsteiger weniger frustrierend gestalten. Auch Veteranen dürften davon profitieren Gegner in der direkten Sichtlinie nun zuverlässiger zu sehen. Da das Update eine riesige Anzahl an Änderungen mit sich bringt, zählt ab Morgen wohl eher das Spielgefühl als die geschriebenen Worte der Entwickler in den Changenotes.

Nicht zu vergessen bleibt natürlich auch die neue Mutliplayer Karte “Wake Island”, welche am 12. Dezember 2019 veröffentlicht werden soll. Spielbar wird die Map in den Spielmodi Breakthrough, Conquest, Conquest Assault, Squad Conquest und Team Deathmatch.

Community Games verspäten sich etwas…

Die für das Update angekündigten Community Games werden anders als angekündigt erst etwas später folgen. Mehr dazu hier.

Die vollständigen Patchnotes und alle weiteren Informationen zum Update erhaltet ihr nachfolgend.


Um das neuste Battlefield V Update herunterzuladen, benötigt ihr den folgenden Speicherplatz:

  • PC: 12,17 Gigabyte
  • PS4: 7,08 Gigabyte
  • Xbox One: 7,17 Gigabyte
Update Termine 05. Dezember 2019

Das Update wird ab 10:00 Uhr deutscher Zeit für PC Spieler zum Download verfügbar sein. Gestaffelt erscheint das Update dann auch für die Playstation 4 sowie Xbox One. Das Update wird auf eurer Plattform ab folgender Uhrzeit (deutsche Zeit) verfügbar sein:

  • PC: 05. Dezember 2019 – 10:00 Uhr
  • Playstation 4: 05. Dezember 2019 – 11:00 Uhr
  • Xbox One: 05. Dezember 2019 – 12:00 Uhr
<strong>Changenotes - Battlefield V Update 5.2</strong>
What’s New?
  • A rebalance of most weapons across Battlefield V, focusing on the damage that weapons do outside of their designed ranges.

Releasing later in December
  • Wake Island
  • Community Games
  • 4 New Weapons releasing across the remainder of Chapter 5: War in the Pacific – BAR 1918A2, Type 97 MG, Nambu Type 2A, M3 Grease Gun
What’s Changed?
Weapons, Gadgets, and Specialisations
  • Adjustments to hitmarker-kill and headshot-kill sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flamethrower would not deal direct hit damage to targets in the caves, and deal only light splash damage.
  • We have also fixed a similar issue where the Flamethrower could deal direct hit damage to targets who were directly pressed against the other side of a wall.
  • Flamethrowers will no longer cause soldiers to get thrown around when they are killed by it.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent gadget pick-ups from respawning if a player that had the pick-up would leave the server.
  • Increased Fliegerfaust’s projectile lifespan to 3s from 1.5s (meaning that the projectile will now travel up to 600m instead of 300m).
  • The Fliegerfaust now fires 2 salvos of rockets instead of 3 and the delay between bursts has been increased accordingly.
  • Somewhat reduced how close to the airplane a Fliegerfaust projectile needs to be in order to detonate. This means players will have to correctly predict plane trajectories and be more accurate inorder to deal consistent high damage to a plane.
  • To compensate for the less lenient distance detonation, the grouping consistency of the Fliegerfaust bursts has been increased to still allow players to be effective if they can predict plane trajectories and correctly lead the projectiles.
  • Reduced Fliegerfaust’s accuracy when hip-firing.
  • Fixed an issue where the hint messaging suggested that the player needed to Aim Down Sights in order to fire the Fliegerfaust.
  • Added the missing 2x scope to the M1 Garand, and ensured that the iconic ping sound when ejecting a clip can now be heard by all close by players.
  • Added a Bayonet to the M1 Garand spec tree.
  • Fixed the “falling bullet” that would appear when switching to the RSC from a sidearm
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes incorrectly show a stick of dynamite in the players hand while vaulting.
  • Fixed an exploit involving bandages.
  • Players are now able to build Fortifications right after building another Fortification that is blocked from spawning.
  • Fixed a visual bug that would occur when using the inspect weapon feature on a sidearm.
  • Improved LOD’s for weapons using skins when viewed from a third person perspective.
  • Fixed the VGO´s grip during the end of round screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the position of the VFX would stop updating if entering and exiting a vehicle whilst holding the repair torch.
  • Increased max instances for repair sparks to avoid VFX disappearing when spamming the effect.
  • Improved how soldiers are holding the Madsen MG on the end of round screen.
  • Improved how the soldier holds the Type 100 when viewed in first person.
  • Fixed shadow inconsistency with the Type 100 Bi-pod.
  • Improved the behavior of the Sticky Grenade and Dynamite. Players should find that these objects stick in far more predictable manners, especially when throwing through windows and near walls. We are still aware of an issue where the stick position does not always perfectly align between client and server, and the projectiles may be corrected by the server shortly after it’s placed to ensure that the client is displaying it in its proper position.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from throwing ammo or health pouches to teammates while being in an open vehicle seat.
  • Players can now use bandages and ammo pouches while having the reinforcement binoculars active. Previously the pouches would leave the binoculars in a weird state that wouldn’t let players call in reinforcements.
  • The Jäger skin is now properly applied to the M28 extended magazine.
  • The Katana now has the same colored pattern on the handle across all camera perspectives.
  • Japanese soldiers now use Kunai throwing knives instead of the regular ones used by other factions.
  • Fixed a small visual glitch that would allow players to look inside the Breda M1935’s barrel from above.
  • The Night Owl handguard skin no longer blocks the Selbstlader 1906 ́s Iron Sight.
  • The Bayonet icon will no longer show after the user has been revived without having the bayonet equipped on the primary weapon.
  • Adjusted the Grenade throwback timing to match the throwback animation that’s played.
  • Grenade throwbacks have now a bit more force which allows the grenade to be thrown further away from yourself.
  • S Mines now use a 2 wire, trip-wire detonation setup instead of using a proximity detonation. When placed, two wires will connect to a nearby surface perpendicular to the player position when placed (left and right). This allows players to more effectively deny an area as the wire can trigger the mine from further away than what the previous S Mine would allow with the proximity detonation. However, this also means S Mines are now a bit easier to see.
  • Adjusted S Mine detonation damage, the bomb can now 1 hit kill a full health soldier if they stand directly at the position of the mine. We feel comfortable making this change as the tripwires make S Mines far more visually obvious, and should prevent their abuse as hidden dangers and better fulfill their purpose of blocking routes.
  • Fixed the missing death sounds when getting killed by a vehicle MG as a soldier on foot.
  • Fixed several cases where the game sound would be almost completely muted for a moment after dying in a way where the man-down state was skipped.
  • Further reduced the friendly soldier movement sound compared to enemies.
  • Improved the directionality of footsteps and adjusted their distance filtering to be more natural.
  • Further iterative adjustments to various elements in the mix to help expected sound to come through in the mix during high intensity gameplay.
  • Added themed End-Of-Round music, based on which faction has won the match (Pacific levels only)
  • Fixed an issue where the hitmarker kill sound would not reliably play.
  • Fixed an issue where indoor weapon sounds would not correctly differentiate between differently spaced, non-destructible environments. Now especially in locations like the Iwo Jima tunnels and the underground in Operation Underground there will be an audible difference to weapons fire from other players based on how open and reflective the space is.
  • Wooden supply canisters now make wooden sound effects when hitting the ground instead of metallic sounds.

Balance Changes

With this update, we’re continuing our work on weapon balancing across the game, and with this update we’re focused on addressing the damage values of weapons over range.

Note: Bolt Action Carbines, Sniper Rifles, and Anti-materiel Rifles have not been adjusted as part of this update. These have been addressed earlier in the year across previous updates, and we’ll continue to review these Weapon Classes following these next set of changes.


SMGs will primarily receive heavy damage reduction at long range. Close range damage is only reduced on some very fast-firing SMGs. This strengthens their general role as close range weapons. Some SMGs have seen revisions to their existing damage model in a way that allows them to favor long range damage over close range performance, giving medics more tools for ranged engagements.

Close Range SMGs

  • Weapons: Suomi KP/-31, M1928A1, MP28, ZK-383 when paired with its ROF Boost Specialisation
  • Damage: 5-13 BTK
  • Effective Range: 0-15 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 150-180
  • Rather high rate of fire. Reduced damage per shot and fast damage dropoff.

Balanced SMGs

  • Weapons: ZK-383, MP40, STEN, EMP, Type 100
  • Damage: 4-11 and 5-12 BTK for the Type 100
  • Effective Range: 0-20 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 150-180
  • SMGs with extended drop-off. Easy to use at the cost of lower ROF. Generally good handling that does not impact ranged performance.


  • Weapons: MP34, MAB38
  • Damage: 5-8 BTK
  • Effective Range: 10-30 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 150-180
  • SMGs with reduced damage drop-off at the cost of lower damage output at close range. Allows Medics to get extra range on open maps.
Assault Rifles

Changes affect both minimum and maximum damage roughly equally, reducing close range performance more than long range performance when compared to SMGs. The M1907 SF has been revised so that it’s now treated like an SMG in order to ensure that Assault keeps a good option for close range gunplay.


  • Damage: 5-7 BTK
  • Effective Range: 15-40 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 150
  • AR with a low ROF and reduced magazine capacity. Improved damage at long range.

StG 44

  • Damage: 5-8 BTK
  • Effective Range: 10-30 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 150
  • AR with good damage per shot and accuracy. Increased ROF and magazine capacity help at shorter distances.

Sturmgewehr 1-5

  • Damage: 6-9 BTK
  • Effective Range: 10-30 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 180
  • AR with higher ROF and reduced damage per shot.

M1907 SF

  • Damage: 5-13 BTK
  • Effective Range: 0-15 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 160
  • High ROF AR with increased damage up close and fast damage dropoff. Allows Assault to attain SMG style gameplay.

Breda M1935 PG

  • Damage: 5-6 BTK
  • Effective Range: 20-50 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 140
  • Hard hitting burstfire AR. ROF is rather low, as is damage drop-off. Best used at some distance.

Changes affect both minimum and maximum damage roughly equally, reducing close range performance more than long range performance when compared to SMGs, The FG42 and LS26 are treated like SMGs so that Support maintain options for good close range weapons. Flat damage is applied for the Madsen in order to keep it as a good ranged LMG option, while being very weak at close range.

Balanced LMGs

  • Weapons: KE7, Bren Gun, Lewis Gun
  • Damage: 5-8 BTK
  • Effective Range: 10-30 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 180
  • LMGs with low to medium ROF. Decent damage per bullet give it similar effective range as the High ROF LMGs.


  • Weapons: LS/26, FG-42
  • Damage: 4-11 (LS/26) and 5-13 BTK (FG-42)
  • Effective Range: 0-15 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 180
  • Medium to fast firing LMGs with good damage in close range. Fast damage dropoff limits effective range. Handling is not an issue for the distances the weapon is designed to be good at.

Ranged LMGs

  • Weapons: Madsen MG
  • Damage: 6 BTK
  • Effective Range: >20 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 200
  • Highly accurate and controllable LMGs with a very low ROF. Constant damage per bullet has them unable to compete at close range, but very strong at longer ranges.

Less recoil adjustments are expected here in order to keep on using it for range limiting, since damage alone won’t do at 1200 rpm. Bullet changes put the focus on very short range or weakness at close range traded for better ranged capabilities.

Close Range MMGs

  • Weapons: MG 42, VGO
  • Damage: 5-13 BTK
  • Effective Range: 0-20 m
  • Spawn ammo target: ~200
  • Very fast firing MMGs with good start damage, but fast drop off. Handling needs to limit range further, as the damage drop off alone is partially offset by the high ROF and large magazine capacities for MMGs.

Balanced MMGs

  • Weapons: MG 34, S2-200, M1922 MG
  • Damage: 6-9 BTK
  • Effective Range: 10-30 m
  • Spawn ammo target: ~200
  • Medium to fast firing MMGs with lower start damage, but gentler dropoff.

Ranged MMGs

  • Weapons: M1919A6
  • Damage: 5-8 BTK
  • Effective Range: 20-50 m
  • Spawn ammo target: ~200
  • Medium ROF MMG with good damage per bullet and gentle dropoff. Not the best up close, but good handling and damage dropoff give it better range than other MMGs.
Semi Auto Rifles

Tweaks are heavily dependent on the specific weapon. Performance is generally reduced at all ranges, but ranged performance should remain above average for most SARs.

M1A1 Carbine

  • Damage: 4-6 BTK
  • Effective Range: 10-50 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 90
  • Good magazine capacity, fast reload, very high rate of fire and low recoil.

Ag m/42

  • Damage: 4 BTK
  • Effective Range: >15 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 90
  • With its fixed, decent damage and medium ROF, it can take care of enemies at any range quickly if landing headshots. Recoil is low, but low magazine capacity and damage per bodyshot make it unattractive if not going for headshots.

Gewehr 1-5

  • Damage: 3-6 BTK
  • Effective Range: 0-30 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 90
  • Medium ROF and good maximum damage make it very good for closer ranges when combined with its big detachable magazine.

Turner SMLE

  • Damage: 4-5
  • Effective Range: 15-50 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 90
  • Fast firing SAR with medium damage per bullet. Not good at close or very long range, but the in between.

MAS 44

  • Damage: 4-5 BTK
  • Effective Range: 15-50 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 90
  • Has a longer reload but slightly less recoil and faster bullets make it a bit easier to use.

Heavy Hitting SARs

  • Weapons: M1 Garand, Karabin 1938M, Gewehr 43, Selbstlader 1916
  • Damage: 3-4 BTK
  • Effective Range: 20 m and beyond
  • Spawn ammo target: 70
  • Rather slow firing SARs with good damage per hit and ranged capabilities. Recoil is balanced around magazine capacity and reload, with the M1 Garand coming in very low.
Self-Loading Rifles

Changing damage is not viable on SLRs. Adjustments made via reduced ROF.

Aggressive SLRs

  • Weapons: Model 8, RSC
  • Damage: 2-3 BTK
  • Effective Range: 10-50 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 60
  • Slow firing semi automatic rifle with a very strong bullet. Damage drops off at long range.. At closer distances, they can keep up with regular SARs, but are less forgiving.
Long Range SLRs
  • Weapons: ZH29, Selbstlader 1906
  • Damage: 2-3 BTK
  • Effective Range: 30 m and beyond
  • Spawn ammo target: 50
  • Very slow firing semi automatic rifles with an extremely powerful bullet. They can keep up with or even beat the heavy hitting semi SARs, but are less forgiving to use due to their ROF.

Reduced one hit kill range for all ammo types. Around 2 meters less.

12g Automatic

  • Effective Range: 8 m (base buckshot)
  • Spawn ammo target: 35
  • Fast-firing semi automatic shotgun with a rather low effective range.


  • Effective Range: 9 m (base buckshot)
  • Spawn ammo target: 35
  • Slow firing pump-action shotgun with increased effective range.

M30 Drilling

  • Effective Range: 10 m (base buckshot)
  • Spawn ammo target: 30/15
  • Triple barrel combination gun. The two buckshot barrels can be fired in quick succession and have the best effective range of all shotguns. The rifle barrel fires a unique bullet that is different from slugs in that it can always kill with a headshot.

Pistol Carbines

  • Mainly reduced damage with increased ROF.

P08 Carbine

  • Effective Range: 0-20 m
  • Spawn ammo target: 160
  • Very fast firing carbine with a generous magazine.

Trench Carbine

  • Effective Range: 0-20 mSpawn ammo target: 160Very fast firing carbine with a massive magazine.

Bolt Action Carbines

  • Spawn ammo target: 50
  • No further changes have been made.

Sniper Rifles

  • Spawn ammo target: 40
  • No further changes have been made.

Anti-materiel Rifles

  • Spawn ammo target: 30
  • No further changes have been made.
  • Fixed an issue where players could regenerate a lot of health very quickly if they get damaged shortly after being revived.
  • Fixed an issue where the light assault combat role would get a slower passive health regeneration rate than intended.
  • Players getting killed within 5 seconds of being revived are now no longer unrevivable.
  • Players can now look around while bleeding out in a Dinghy boat.
  • Fixed an issue that would not play the reload animation properly of sidearms when switching to the tool box in the middle of it, while being in deep water.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to swap weapons while in a melee takedown. This would cause the takedown animation to play with a different weapon instead of the melee weapon.
  • Soldiers are no longer visually on fire after exiting a tank that has been attacked by a flamethrower.
  • Fixed a hit detection issue that was happening when a player would be performing a melee takedown on a soldier while the enemy was on uneven terrain. The player performing the melee takedown is no longer unhittable in that case.
  • Fixed a hit detection issue happening when a player would be reviving a downed soldier on uneven terrain. The reviver is no longer unhittable in that case.
  • As a Tanker you will now see the correct animation when building Fortifications, instead of the repair torch as previously.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be killed earlier than intended in melee takedowns.
  • General melee takedown consistency improvements.
  • Improved the melee takedown to better trigger from behind.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the throw dynamite animation not to play in third person.
  • Improved the positioning of the bleed out state when getting killed during a vault, previously this could lead to the player slightly hovering above the ground.
  • Rockets and Airborne heavy cannons now have different damage models vs airborne and ground based targets. This change allows us to make these weapons highly effective against ground, whilst reducing their effect on air targets by separating the damage values that they do to each target. This also makes them more viable air to air weapons, while not being 1 hit kill cannons. High skill and high reward, but balanced.
  • Rockets and Airborne heavy cannons no longer easily destroy AA guns on a single pass. However, they are still highly effective against the infantry sitting in the AA gun, or around it…or anywhere else really!
  • Rockets and Airborne heavy cannons are now entirely splash damage based, meaning that they ignore the angle of attack on armored vehicles and get consistent damage no matter the angle. However they cannot score critical hits, and only hits to the rear, tracks, or turret of an armored vehicle will disable those parts. This splash damage change also means that close hits now count for more with rockets, and mean that they no longer need to directly hit a tank (though direct hits will do substantially better damage). It will require at least 2 passes from an aircraft to destroy a tank from full health, no matter which tank type they are attacking. Make sure that you team up to take down vehicles quickly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the 40mm AA guns to have misaligned sights.
  • The sound of an airplane exploding no longer gets cut off if it occurs outside of the combat area.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause tanks to become spotted on the mini-map while in smoke.
  • Improved the animation when using the LCVP turrent while taking cover.
  • The T-34 Calliope has now gotten zimmerit functionality.
  • The T-34 Calliope has been equipped with a forward firing smoke launcher in Equipment Slot 2.
  • The Hachi can now tow and has a visible hitch.
  • Improved the animation for the Hachi when switching seats between Right Gunner and Top Gunner.
  • Improved the angle that players are able to turn with weapons while being a passenger in a Dinghy boat.
  • Improved the ramp collision on the LCVP when the vehicle is destroyed to ensure that other vehicles do not get stuck on it.
  • Added rain sound effects while in a tank in first person mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mosquito FB MKVI’s crosshair that would appear when resupplying.
  • Blenheim planes are no longer able to repair damaged parts by using a quick repair without the “Field Repair” perk.
  • The Stukas passengers machine gun upgrade no longer has a visual issue when firing.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a blur effect to be incorrectly applied while in an LCVP.
  • The Dinghy boat no longer gets destroyed if players place AT Mines on it.
  • The Ka-Mi Top Gunner MMG 75mm Type3 Specialization Tank Gun no longer visually disappears when aiming it at certain angles.
  • Fixed an exploit related to tanks and resupply stations.
  • Removed the duplicate gun support on the Ka-Mi in third person.
  • Improved the LOD on the Ka-Mi.
  • Fixed the airplane incendiary bomb not causing vehicle damage.
  • Decreased the camera shake that could occur when firing machine guns in first person mode in many of the airplanes.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause damage to unused Dinghy boats.
  • Melee attacks no longer cause damage to Dinghy boats, so players can push them back into the water without worrying about damaging them.
  • Fixed a visual bug that would occur if a player interacted with stationary MG ́s while prone on their back.
  • Added fade effects when switching between seats in the Sherman and LVT vehicles.
  • Fixed the misaligned hand when crouching in the Top Gunner seat of the Ka-Mi.
  • Improved the animation of switching seats in tanks in third person. This should decrease the risk of animation pops.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause fires from crashed airplanes to be invisible.
  • Added the missing muzzle flash and smoke for the Corsair F4U-1A when firing the right 4x 20mm Cannon.
  • Added the HUD reload animation for the Type 97 tank using the Hull mounted 37mm Canon” specialization.
  • Improved the Type 97 Tanks Hull mounted 37mm canon to not clip with it’s left side skirt.
  • The Type 97 tank with Smoke Discharger Specialization can now resupply smoke from the ammo resupply station
  • Improved the Ka-Mi Flamethrower while driving.
  • Decreased the left gunner seats muzzle flash to make it a bit more pleasant on the eyes while firing them in the Sturmtiger.
  • Fixed a bug with the Mosquito FB MKVI QF 6PDR loading icon replacing the gun sight in third person after resupplying the 4000lb bomb.
  • Adjusted entry points/added new explicit entry points on all old stationery weapons to fit the new entry from animation better. You can’t enter them from the front or from the other side of the Flak 38 anymore, all entry points moved back and up some to both make animation look better and icon to become more visible.
  • The T-34 Sherman Calliope has gotten a small boost to it’s engine power.
  • Reduced the time it takes to switch ammo types on the main weapon (HMG) on the amphibious tanks AA from 3.6 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Improved the wrecks that are already on the map of the Zero airplane props to have more fire and smoke.
  • Airplanes 20 MM HE Splash damage falloff curve adjusted to deal less damage over distance.
  • Airplanes Incendiary Bombs reduced damage area from 10 m to 9 m and lowered burn time from 2 seconds to 1.8 seconds.
  • Added new HE Smoke Shell VFX for the Pacific tanks.
  • Added the ability to drive vehicles before the entry animation has finished playing.
  • The carrier decks are now cleared off mines, as soon as a pilot spawns into a plane on it.
  • The UK faction now builds the 40mm stationary, instead of the Flak 38.
Maps and Modes
  • Aerodrome – Increased cover density across the whole map. More trucks, boxes, rocks everywhere. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
  • Aerodrome – Breakthrough – Added the missing ammo resupply stations. You need to come up with a new song now, Faris2011ksa
  • Iwo Jima – Improved smoke effects to appear more natural on this map.
  • Iwo Jima – Updated the minimap to better reflect the position of the ships on the ocean.
  • Iwo Jima – Squad Conquest – Fixed a spawn point that would lead inside a truck.
  • Pacific Storm – Fixed an issue that would prevent the T38 Calliope reinforcement to spawn.
  • Pacific Storm – Improved rain effects to not bleed through certain buildings.
  • Twisted Steel – TDM – Fixed a spawn point that was out of bounds.
  • Underground – Rush – Fixed the smoke barrage reinforcement.
  • Underground – Added ambient war sound effects on the deploy screen.
  • Underground – Switched out some sandbags placed near windows that would make it difficult to vault.
  • Underground – Added collision to the camera while in freemode on Underground.
  • Underground – Conquest – Tweaked the spawn points to better balance the map based upon telemetry data.
  • Spectator mode – The camera can now clip through various doors that are available on some levels.
  • Spectator mode – On Al-Sundan the map borders are now drawn out on the view screen.
Outpost Game Mode Improvements
  • Added Outpost map setups for Aerodrome, Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima.
  • Recruit Limits for winning Outpost now depends on the number of Radio Towers on the map. Current tuning is 25 recruit limit per Radio Tower.
  • Tuned recruit times of Radio Towers to 60 seconds so intended average match duration should be around 25 to 30 minutes now.
  • Changed Recruit thresholds for vehicle appearances in Outpost on maps that have them. Tanks will become available when the first team reaches 50% of the recruit limit. Planes will become available when the first team reaches 75% of the recruit limit.
  • Modified the team setups used for Outpost so there are fighter planes but no bombers on European maps.
  • On European maps in Outpost, teams will now find more half-track transports available at their HQs. Together with changes to how transport vehicles spawn and despawn in general this should improve the transport vehicle situation in Outpost.
  • Timeouts in Outpost will only result in a draw now if recruit scores are actually even.
  • Radio Tower upgrades will now only be available after Radio Towers have been owned and defended for a certain amount of time.
  • Increased score for defending Outpost Radio Tower objectives and doubled the frequency of the scoring event.
  • Major Scoring Events in Outpost for receiving recruits now only occur while close to the objective but also have a drastically increased score value compared to before.
  • Replaced Major Scoring Event sound when receiving recruits in Outpost game mode with a more subtle sound.
  • Prevented gameplay voice over from playing during end of round.
  • Radio Towers now have more health depending on their upgrade level.
  • Radio Towers now have longer bomb countdown time depending on their upgrade level.
  • Destroying Radio Towers with V1s (or other reinforcement call ins) now correctly gives a Major Scoring Event.
  • Increased the cool down time for Sector Artillery and rocket reinforcements in Outpost for both the European and Pacific theatres.
  • Balanced the approach distances of V1/JB2 rockets on Crete in the Outpost game mode.
  • Fixed misaligned upgrade level dots above Radio Tower objectives in the game mode HUD when entering scoreboard.
  • Fixed objective icons in the game mode HUD changing when going to scoreboard.
  • Adjusted tank supply station and AA gun positions on Arras and Crete for Outpost.
  • Made changes to prevent players from accidentally or intentionally blocking Radio Towers from being constructed. No more awkward shuffling back to get towers build. No more illegally parked vehicles accidentally blocking objectives either.
  • Fixed an issue where Radio Tower objectives could be armed and disarmed through walls.
UI & Others
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the redeploy timer to reset on the deploy screen.
  • Fixed world icons not scaling over distance when stuck to an edge (ManDown icons, objective icons, squad member icons etc…)
  • Ensured player nametag text does not overly scale over distance making the text unreadable
  • Adjusted the base player nametag text scaling
  • Squad members no longer constantly show the names and the distance in the world (nametags) when not looking at them directly.
  • Spotted soldiers that are completely hidden behind cover will no longer show a spotted icon in the world when seen from airplanes.
  • Adjusted the scale over a distance of spotted icons seen from Airplanes.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not remember the last vehicle a player had selected on the vehicle deploy screen.
  • Removed the duplicate sights when unlocking the Backwoods skin for the Type 100.
  • The M1919A6 specializations can now be reset.
  • Moved the Selbstlader 1906 into the correct weapon category in the weapons menu.
  • The M1928A1 extended magazine has been corrected when using the Backwood skin.
  • Fixed the missing flag icons on the end scoreboard during the end of round screen.
  • Fixed the missing Katana and Flamethrower icons on the stats page.
  • Fixed an interaction bug that would allow players to duplicate Katanas and Flamethrowers.
  • Players no longer get +0 points for destroying enemy fortifications.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would sometimes cause players to spawn in as a class other than the one selected.
  • Players are now awarded 50 points for shooting down active enemy flares
  • Shooting down flares is now more consistent.
  • The weapon rank has been removed from the killcard if the player was not killed by a weapon.
  • Removed the white square that would unintendly appear when scrolling through the list of squads.
  • Fixed a bug that would increase the FOV when spawning after having gone into the Armory.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the completed assignment animation to not work if multiple assignments had been completed at once.
  • Fixed an issue that cause the wrong icon being displayed in the UI for the machine guns of BF109 G2 after the user buys 2×7.92MM Machine Guns & 2x 20MM Cannons specialization.
  • I think that we can all agree that Smörgåstårta is a must try Swedish culinary experience.
  • Neutral towable guns no longer show up on the mini-map, if the enemy takes the vehicle it is connected to, drives off with it, and the vehicle in question has not been spotted.
  • Fixed default key bindings for Sprint Sliding on alternative control schemes. The default will now be the same key binding as the one used for crouch/prone.
  • Added an option that allows players to disable the soldier rim lighting. This option is named “Character Lighting” and is available in Gameplay Advanced (default ON).
  • Enemy soldiers being directly looked at within 25m now show a simple nametag including their class icon in a red diamond icon in the world and their health bar. This system was previously active up to 12m before but won’t show the full name anymore unless the target is spotted.
  • Enemy soldiers directly in the player view and not occluded within 10m now show a semi-transparent simple red diamond icon in the world to help with CQB visibility.
  • Increased ammo stations cooldown from 20s to 45s
  • Increased health stations cooldown from 20s to 45s
Spotting changes:
  • Players can now be aware that they are currently spotted. The minimap edges will now be blinking and an additional YOU ARE SPOTTED text with an icon will be visible above for the duration of an enemy spot.
  • Reduced spotting duration from spotting scope and eagle eyed trait from 12s to 10s.
  • Reduced spotting flares duration by 20%, this means the flare gun’s flare duration is now 24s instead of 30s.
  • Reduced spotting flares radius by 25%, this means the flare gun’s flare radius is now 22.5m instead of 30m.
Minimap readability:
  • Adjusted the height difference language for players above and below.
  • Players above (between +2.5m and +8m) now have their icon size scaling up to 120% linearly.
  • Players below (between -2.5m and -8m) now have their icon transparency scaling down to 75% opacity and their size scaling down to 80% linearly.
  • Enemy player icons now show as a directional arrow (triangle) instead
  • Enemy squad leaders now show as regular enemy soldiers instead of having a dedicated icon.
  • Players above or below no longer show an alternate “ring icon”.
PC Specific Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that would cause soldiers to not have the correct lighting and appear to stand in darkness on certain AMD cards running DX12.
  • Underground – Added RTX reflections on water reflections.
  • Performance improvements related to audio logic.
Xbox Specific Improvements
  • Fixed the short freeze that could happen when pressing the Xbox Home button.
  • Fixed a bug related to sliding and using the alternative “Soldier Buttons” gamepad layout.
PlayStation 4-Specific Improvements
  • Fixed an elusive bug that would sometimes cause the game to crash if set to Arabic localization.
  • Fixed a bug related to sliding and using the alternative “Soldier Buttons” gamepad layout.

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      Es ist wieder soweit! DICE rollt am morgigen Donnerstag, den 05. Dezember 2019 und damit rund einen Tag vor Nikolaus, das nächste Major Update für Bat

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      Wann kommt den Entwicklern mal die Idee die Karte aus Firestorm als Conquest Large anzupassen?


      Vier Teams statt Zwei!


      Do it DICE!! :yahoo:

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      hab nur 12,17 GB ??? nach Install keine Verbindung zum EA Server???

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      Hmm die haben die Ausahlmenüs der Einzelnen Länder und Waffen jetzt besser gestaltet, das man bei jedem Land  eine eigene Waffe pro Klasse auswählen kann geht aber immer noch nicht.

      Alle Sturmsoldaten haben wieder die selbe Waffe egal von welchem Land…. :wacko:

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        Sir Gawain


        Doch, das geht unter Optionen – Gameplay – Basic – Basic Settings – Loadout Mirroring (letzter Punkt) deaktivieren!

        Dann kannst du den Deutschen zB. Deutsche Pistolen, Messer etc. geben und den anderen deren Waffen!

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      Mighty MuFFi

      Vorweg, bin seit gut 10 Jahren Konsolero & vom PC geswitched. BF spiele ich seit BF1942.

      Der TTK change ist heavy & sicher kommen da noch einige Feintunings. Ich war auch extrem skeptisch, doch nach 8std. Test find ich es erstmal ganz ok, evtl. hätte man das alles auch n kleinen ticken softer in der Gänze gestalten können.     Was sofort auffiel, zumindest auf Konsole, es sind gefühlt 80% weniger MMG-Camper unterwegs! Mal sehen wie sie das nun weiter verfeinern.. :pewpew:

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