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Battlefield 2042: Unangekündigte Änderungen, die nicht in den Releasenotes des Season 4 Updates standen

Mit dem am vergangenen Dienstag veröffentlichten Update 4.0.0 für Battlefield 2042 wurden durch DICE nicht nur ein neuer Spezialist, die neue Karte sowie Waffen und einige Gameplay-Anpassungen ins Spiel integriert, sondern auch eine Menge unangekündigter Änderungen, die nicht in den Changenotes des Updates vermerkt waren.

Da es sich beim jüngsten Battlefield 2042 wieder um ein großes Update handelt, wundert es nicht, dass auf Reddit inzwischen so einiges zusammengekommen ist. Schwere Probleme gibt es nicht. Es ist aber wie nach jedem Update sinnvoll die Spieldateien zu überprüfen, um ein paar Fehler zu vermeiden.

Die Neugierigen unter euch können sich nachfolgend die Liste der derzeit geheimen Änderungen des Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Updates ansehen.

Battlefield 2042: Liste der unangekündigten Änderungen für Update 4.0.0.
  • #1 if you don`t hit ready at the beginning, you don’t forcely spawn
  • #2 The lock on of effect now matches the chosen colours of your hud
  • #3 Enemies spotted on minimap now are shown as a triangle facing up or down If they’re on a different elevation than yours
  • #4 The “new fall animation” seems to be dialed down
  • #5[BUG INTRODUCED] commorose chat doesn’t show up and disappeared.
  • #6 AI seems to have been have been improved. Idk about anyone else, but I’m getting killed more on even the beginner setting.Yep, they even jump out of vehicles to go a capture objective. They started to finally PTFO instead of jerking around like stupid bots.
  • #7[BUG INTRODUCED] There is no progression-bar or enemy indicator while capturing flagsEDIT: its a user-side bug. If you use custom PROVSAFE and user.cfg files, renew or delete them. fixed it for me.EDIT2: it’s back for me, after the initial fixEDIT3: To fix this, I had to validate all of my files on steam. I also just adjusted the values for the objective icons in the options where you mess with their visibility, so it could have been that as well.
  • #8 Some vault weapons had their Kobra reticles changed (not all of them, some have some kind of double reticle)
  • #9 There’s a new video setting on PC called “Shadow Filter”, can be set to PCF or PCSS
  • #10 Start of round intro is gone and force spawn disabled.
  • #11 Takedowns now seem to be possible on more angles and is more forgiving.
  • #12 the missions tab seems very reworked and very polished. i love it so much
  • #13 Caspars Drone EMP now destroys electronic devices & armed explosives
  • #14 New End Game Overall Points
  • #15 When you die, the kill feed now pushes to the left of the windows showing the player that killed you
  • #16 You can now see the enemy’s class icon by their name. I don’t remember seeing that previously
  • #17 EOR Screen font and visual style changed. Bigger numbers and text.Battlepass weekly missions now have 3 challenges per tier, 9 in total per week + the bonus mission.
  • #18 On some weapons there seems to be an increase in visual recoil/added visual recoil. The SVK for example now slightly twists when firing. (good change)
  • #19 I swear Sundance now has a much more “deep” voice, like they changed the tone a bit, someone else noticed the same?
  • #20 Visual design on the HUD has been adjusted. Friendly and enemy markers on the minimal have a more distinct outline, and uncaptured/contested sectors are black instead of grey. Overall more readable at a glance.
  • #21 Gun Sounds and Animations feel and sound a lot better/slicker. It seems the left side of the hud was upscaled the right side is still low res. I’m on 1440p. Both CPU and GPU are under 90% utilization. Blade 15 2070 Super i7 10875h. With OC and undervolting.
  • #22 40x scope has been added and then fun police took it out…
  • #23 It says squashed in the kill feed when you get crushed.vehicles that are full no longer show a square to spawn on. Like the MAV, but as soon a some one jumps out the square comes back and you can click it. Happens with squadmates too.
  • #24 EOD bot no longer self repairsNo fun :(
  • #25[BUG INTRODUCED] – Super 500 shotgun crosshair is too big, like double big lol, probably will need a patch that needs to reduce its size (it looked okay on playtest videos)
  • #26[BUG INTRODUCED] – When opening the big map, the Green Arrows (player and probably squadmates too) are statics and dont turn facing the right directions (apparently known by DICE already)
  • #27 – Trying to type in Chat during a game made my game crash on PS5 once (might just be unlucky?)
  • #28 Custom messages in portal have been redesigned and moved, now on the left middle of the screen, to account for the new kill feed location, where the messages use to be (top-right). world log messages have also been polished some more.
  • #29[BUG INTRODUCED] Sometimes there are no hud elements when capturing a flag. You can only hear the audio cues.
  • #30[BUG INTRODUCED] The X6-Infiltration device static sound cue will keep playing even when you’re not next to one, until you respawn. This one is very annoying
  • #31[BUG INTRODUCED] Battlepass will bug out and completely disappear from the main menu until you restart the game. This happened to me once and didn’t get any progress for two full games.
  • #32[BUG INTRODUCED] The Keybind Mouse 7 Bug is back. If you want to change the KEybinds on PC with M&K, and put somethin on the mouse, it binds to the mysterious Mouse 7 Button, and will not changeFIX FOUNDDelete PROFSAFE files, diasable all Steam Inputs(This is somehow a Controller Issue, even when no controller is attatched) and restart the Game. If the Bug apears via EA App, no idea how to fix it
  • #33[PERSISTENT BUG] Reactive hints is broken. I have the option turned off yet. I keep getting notifications when I need to reload or use MedPen for example.
  • #34 Anyway, they definitely nerfed the BSVM, has a lot more recoil and a lot less stability when shooting relatively rapidly. RIP my favorite gun. Possible changes to the damage range too but not sure on that one. But it feels a lot worse.EDIT: SVK seems affected too, my guns cant hit crap at range.
  • #35 New “waiting lobby to fill” screen. You can now see specialists of your squad and costumize loadout
  • #36[BUG INTRODUCED] Getting a weird bug where super loud radio static will play over my audio and not go away until I respawn, very annoying
  • #37[PERSISTENT BUG] Vehicle menu is broken. It doesn’t refresh after you open it, so whatever is available when you opened it will remain “open” even though it’s been taken. New vehicles that become open will not show.
  • #38 There seems to be an ear ringing noise if your health is low. Don’t remember hearing it before today.
  • #39 Seems like BF3 weapons in portal got reload animations tweaked. They appear to be a bit faster, more snappy?
  • **#40[BUG INTRODUCED]**Cannot bind mouse buttons other than left click (see my post below). The only way to unbind left click is to completely reset all other binds. There’s no popup when you click into the mouse keybinds that asks you to press a button to use as a bind (or conversely unbind).. It just becomes left click (MOUSE5) when you click the box.
  • #41various icons on minimal looks sharper and better.
  • #42 various icons and hud improvements along the board
  • #43[BUG INTRODUCED] Auto-throwing grenades and throwing knives on controller does not work
  • #44 Bots now in team deathmatch to fill out game lobby.
  • #45 Condor has been affected by new Jet changes too
  • #46[BUG FIXED] horizontal hud padding only affecting the left side. It now correctly pads both sides of the hud.
  • #47[BUG INTRODUCED] Sundance anti armour nades don’t show target lock
  • #48[NEEDS FURTHER VERIFICATION] NTW no longer one shots infantry when using high power anti materiel rounds.

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